This morning I received an email from a long time client of mine. It was in response to some suggestions I made pertaining to the marketing of his soon to be released book. He is a very savvy marketer himself, a seasoned author with 2 best sellers under his belt as well as an attorney & CPA.

Here’s his response to my suggestions:

Great suggestions.  

I think your real strength is conceptual marketing thinking. 

Pithy enough? 🙂

For years I have been saying “STRATEGY FIRST!”

Today, more than ever, marketing requires you to find a compelling way to tell your story. You must be able to get your STORY to hit home. This is where web content, videos, word of mouth (viral marketing) and social media all intersect… THE STORY. This is what my client means when he says “conceptual marketing thinking”. In many ways this is the new SEO. It’s your story that helps you build authority and ultimately high quality inbound text links.