The nature of business has changed. We want to know more about the business and the people in the business. We like the story. The “About” pages of websites are often among the most visited pages.

A few years ago I interviewed the owners of a website that offered skis, snow boards and related items. During the interview the mentioned how a change in their About page from what they called “boring corporate” to “edgy personal” was responsible for a nearly 30% increase in sales. The fact is I have heard and read about dozens and dozens of companies that have had similar experiences.

The bottom-line is simply this: Have an “about us” page that is real. Tell your story and let your visitors know who you are. You will personally connect with your visitors by being honest. Use a conversational writing style, and including real testimonials from other customers and be sure to include photos of those on your team, your customers if possible and anything else that will help visitors feel personally connected to you and your business.

Have you had any particular success with visitors “connecting” with your website? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!