An SEO coach, or firm that provides SEO services, which is the best for you and your business? Here’s an interesting analysis from a business owner who has worked with 9 SEO companies over the past 10 years. His personal experience may help you make a decision…

We didn’t engage Ed Taylor until I had attended 3 or 4 of his free SEO webinars. I was able to use information he was providing at no cost to solve some SEO issues. I liked what he had to say and how he said it. 
Ed is our 9th SEO firm and hopefully our last. First of all his model is unique. He’s a “coach” which means you meet via web conference examining your website, analytics and so forth. Based upon the metrics, Ed then makes actionable recommendations to increase your website’s traffic and conversion. 
Because he’s “coaching” you, you do the heavy lifting – content & email deployment – URL fixes and so forth. Ironically having been a client elsewhere I’m doing about the same amount of work I was while retaining other SEO firms at a much higher cost. 
The biggest difference between Ed and other firms seems to be SEO firmsspend a lot of “chargeable” time developing back links but charge extra for content creation or any other “under the hood” work. One popular model today is to target 5 keywords for the first page of Google – for $1000 per month fee. 
With Ed we’re tracking about 200 keywords (about 26 on page one now) and watch closely for “low hanging” opportunities like 2nd page keywords we can focus efforts to push to page one with small efforts. It’s a more holistic  approach. 
Since engaging Ed’s service – about 60 days ago we’ve almost doubled the number of keywords on page one of Google and seen traffic to increase about 15 – 20%. Some of that can be attributed to repairing the 404/301 redirect issue discussed in the business plan but he’s brought a number of keywords into focus that enable us to see higher search rankings thus more “quality” website traffic. 
I would highly recommend Ed, especially to website start ups not only because of his business model and pricing but because he is trustworthy.


I just don’t know what I can add to what Mitch has written.

I did not give him any incentive, or even ask him to write this, he did on his own and sent it to me. Mitch also adds valuable comments to many of my blog posts and he’s the guy who brought TYNT, the link building tool I mentioned a few days ago, to my attention.

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