Yes, that’s a very elementary question and yet it seems to me that most small business people fall short in their answer and as a result they fall short in their success with Internet marketing as well.

Here’s my definition of Internet marketing- It’s 3 things… 

Internet marketing is:

  1.  Getting quality traffic to your website
  2.  Getting your website to convert visitors into leads, customers or opt-in’s
  3.  Maintaining and deepening relationships

That’s it.

Getting quality website traffic includes:

  •             SEO
  •             PPC
  •             Social Networking

Converting website visitors includes:

  •             Strategy development
  •             Website design
  •             Website content

Maintaining relationships includes:

  •             E-mail
  •             Social Marketing

All 3 of these categories of Internet marketing are important, even essential, the “trick” is to focus on the right category at the right time. It’s kind of a chicken or egg conundrum, do you focus on getting more visitors first and then on improving your website conversions or vice versa?

In my experience it’s a delicate balance- you MUST do both at the same time, especially when you are just getting started or just ramping up your Internet marketing efforts.

Of course it’s very disappointing and disheartening if you starting getting many more visitors to your site but your sales, leads or opt-in’s don’t improve. Likewise it’s frustrating to be spending time and money trying to improve your conversion ratio if your not getting enough visitors to keep you business afloat.

My advice is this- PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Google Analytics is great. You can see exactly how many visitors your getting, what they’re doing while at your site and where they came from. If you are getting less than 50 or 100 visitors per day focus on increasing visits. The best way in most cases to do that is with SEO, the next best (and more expensive) is PPC.

If you are getting more than 50 or 100 visits per day really focus on conversions. What percentage of your visitors are “converting”, opting-in, buying something or submitting a form (or calling you or whatever it is you want your visitors to do).

If your conversion rate is less than 2 or 3% there are probably simple things you can do to improve it. If your conversion ratio is 3-5% there are still likely to be simple things you can do to boost it a bit. If your conversion ratio is over 5% figure out how much you can profitably pay for a visitor and then find all the places you can that will sell you visitors (clicks) within your margin (and then pay REAL CLOSE attention to make sure your conversion ratio doesn’t drop with visitors from these new sources.

Remember, Internet marketing is much more than Search Engine Optimization or buy Pay Per click ads from Google. Internet marketing is EVERYTHING that affects the profitability of every dollar you spend or hour you spend on marketing and advertising online.

If you would like to have to have me as your Internet Marketing Coach let me know. I still have a small number of slots available for new Internet marketing coaching clients.