What is a membership website? The answer to that question totally revolutionized my businesses. If you now have, or are considering, a membership site this is a must read…

First, pop me an e-mail or give me a call if you are considering a membership site I’m sure I can save you time, money and reduce your frustration.

Second, if you already have a membership site or are certain you are going start one this year I recommend that you attend the Subscription & Membership Site Summit in San Francisco this April. Learn More…

The Summit features real-life membership site experts from Harvard Health, LoopNet, Surfline, The Inventor’s Alliance, ExpertClick, and many more.

Top 4 attendee benefits: 

#1. One-to-one Site critiques

Get your homepage, paywall and membership marketing evaluated by on-site experts.  Walk away with specific changes you can quickly make for better conversions.

#2. Eight Case Studies presented by site publishers

Includes B2B and consumer sites of all sizes from Harvard Health to Inventor’s Alliance; lots of A/B test results; and, how to get former-print readers to convert to online subs.

#3. How-to Sessions on Retention Marketing

Content for 2012, Search Marketing, Event Cross-sells, & Local Online Media Biz Models.

#4. Tons of networking with your peers. 

Breakfasts, lunches, cocktails… and we’ll even help you connect with peers for dinner out on the town in San Francisco!

See lots more details, including Case Study info and an (impressive) list of past attendees at: http://subscriptionsiteinsider.com/summit?affid=EdTaylor 

Again, if you’re asking- “What is a membership site and how can I use one to increase my business revenue?” pop me an e-mail or give me a call and I’ll explain how I use mine and why I like it so much.