There is a hierarchy of importance in Internet marketing for small businesses. In other words there IS an Internet Marketing Step You Should Do First.

If you want your website to be found where most people look most of the time think Google. More specifically think Google’s ORGANIC search listings.

You can not pay to be added to, or to gain a top position in, Google’s Organic listings. It is absolutely free to add your site to the Google listings and Google will take it from there and automatically determine where your site will show-up in the rankings.

The ranking hierarchy is determined by a very complex algorithm. The algorithm is designed to evaluate thousands of factors and then rank websites based on the quality of the site and its relevance to the keywords that are being searched on.

By understanding what the Google algorithm considers important a website can be designed or “optimized” to increase the likelihood that it will rank well on search queries that include specific “keywords”. This process is referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

While Google’s exact algorithm is a closely guarded secret, Google does encourage site owners and webmasters to optimize their sites so they provide some basic guidelines to improve rankings as well as some rules that, if violated, can hurt your rankings or even cause a site to be removed from Google altogether.

Because so many people use Google to find almost everything, and because most people click on the organic rankings much more frequently than the sponsored listings, and because you don’t have to pay per click on the organic listings like you do with the sponsored listings, using SEO to obtain and maintain top rankings on a large number of keywords is almost always the best Internet marketing starting point for small businesses.

Of course as a IMGmember we will identify your best keywords for you and then show you how to SEO your website and monitor your rankings so you know where you’re ranking on all of your best keywords.