Early this month we re-launched InternetMarketingGroup.com. The site was completely redesigned with an entirely different call to action strategy. We also employed a new SEO tactic and optimized for an ever increasing number of search terms (keywords). We have already improved in the rankings and increased the number of visitors coming from organic rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Here are a couple of examples-
Google- internet consulting & marketing
Bing & Yahoo!- internet marketing and consulting services

But that’s not the point of this post.

The call to action on the new site is actually a link to the join page on IMGmembers.com. I’m testing a VERY unorthodox way of creating a sale, sending a visitor to an entirely different site for the final close.

Early results have been mixed. People are going to IMGmembers page and spending a lot of time on the page, in fact they are averaging 5 minutes and 22 seconds on the page. That’s a VERY long time but the conversion ratio is not what I would expect. That is, not as many people are signing up for one of the monthly marketing services as I was expecting. There could be many reasons for this- perhaps I’m offering too many options, the content is not compelling enough, etc.

My next step, which I took today, was to add a phone number to several places on the join page and on other pages on the IMGmembers site. We’ll see if people call and how conversions are affected.

I bring all of this up to demonstrate just how important it is to have Google Analytics installed and pay attention to how visitors are interacting with your site(s).

It’s just as important to know where your website is ranking on your most important search terms.

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