Positive customer reviews increase sales. There is no doubt about it, everything from book reviews to comments about, and ratings of, restaurants and every kind of service provider from doctors to mechanics, they’re all getting comments and ratings, good and bad, and they’re are all over the web.

But some types business, like mine, just don’t get reviews on Yelp, and they are not local so they don’t get reviews on Google Places or CitySearch. In my case, and I hope yours, I have hundreds of positive comments, reviews and testimonials. I have them on my websites but, and this is a HUGE issue, the comments that I, or you, add to our own websites don’t have nearly the same impact as unfiltered reviews or ratings on Yelp or Google Places.

Here’s how I’m increasing the “credibility factor” of my positive reviews and it may well work for you too. I’m using, linking to, my LinkedIn recommendations. You can see what I mean at- http://imgmembers.com/about-ed/ 

While these Linkedin recommendations may not carry quite the same influence as a bunch of excellent Yelp ratings would, they are definitely more credible than a bunch of testimonials that you have added to the “Comments”, or “Testimonials” page of your website. These LinkedIn recommendations are probably even more credible than testimonials to a content page like I have done on the sides of this page- http://imgmembers.com/join-3/ 

Social proof works, and the more credible it is, the better it works. If your business is not getting and using positive customer reviews it should. If you need help with this use the from below to request the Free Consultation.