Since I first started offering the FREE Heatmaps 1 week ago dozens of people have sent me copies of theirs for my free analysis and recommendations. Here’s the shocking, and costly, similarity I’m finding in nearly all of the Heatmaps I’m analyzing.

The most compelling and persuasive content is not even being seen!

To add insult to injury most of the sites I have looked at have no “action oriented architecture” and most have a very weak “call to action”, and several had no call to action at all!

I anticipated that most of the people who would request the free Heatmap would have websites that were in need of improvement but to find so many so lacking was shocking, even to me.

With all of the time and money we invest in advertising, SEO, social networking, etc. (which either directly or indirectly causes people to visit our website) it has become essential that our websites be optimized so they maximize “conversions”. Conversions can be any action you want your qualified visitors to take, like submitting a form to request more information, (becoming a lead) or actually completing an e-commerce transaction (a sale), or simply requesting a Free Report or “White Paper” or subscribing to your newsletter or blog (an opt-in), these are all Conversions.

Of course the first step in getting our Website Visitors to do what we want them to do is to get them to see (and read or watch) what we want  them to see. This is where the Heatmap comes in. The Heatmap allows us to see what our website visitors are most likely to see when they look at our website (remember we all SCAN pages, we don’t read them top to bottom word for word.

If your visitors are not even seeing your most compelling or persuasive content the “conversion ratio” can most likely be improved- perhaps dramatically.

The other element of your site that you want to make sure your visitors are seeing is your “call to action”, your form, your phone number, Add To Cart, Down Load Now, whatever action it is that you want your qualified visitors to take before they leave your site.

You can request your FREE Heatmap below. By the way, of course I hope that you will hire me to be your Internet marketing coach if and when you would like help with your marketing but this is not a pitch for anything. I’m not trying to sell you anything here. I’m just giving you access to a FREE tool that I think you will find helpful.