Your Website Conversion Rate refers to the percentage of your visitors that take a certain action before they leave your website. Typical “actions” include making a purchase, submitting a form, or signing up for a newsletter.

If your website’s conversion rate doubled (and that is often very possible), that would mean your cost-per-sale, or lead, or opt-in, would be cut in halve. Obviously that would be a very good thing.

There are 2 reasons your website conversion rate has become so important:

  1. Room for improvement. Because most websites have not been optimized to maximize conversions the lose money and/or leads every day.
  2. Pay-per-click & SEO will keep getting more competitive. We have to do all we can to maximize our return on these investments.

This is a “good news/bad news type of scenario…

The bad news is website conversion rate testing is expensive, often starting at $25,000 or more, and it’s worth it for the companies that can afford it, the often find ways to dramatically improve the return on their Internet market investments. Unfortunately this kind of testing is beyond the budget of most small businesses.

The good news is this- You can now learn from those who are spending the big bucks to improve the conversion rate of their websites. I have many slides and case studies that show you how to make changes (often very minor changes) that can dramatically improve your website’s conversion rate.

I’m also conducting a LIVE training session on “How You Can Improve Your Website Conversion Rate”,  Thursday, July 28th. You can find info and reserve your spot here.