My Grandpa died 23 years ago today. I still remember taking the phone call in my office in San Diego. I was talking with a long time friend of mine, Jerry Westin, when I was interrupted to take the urgent call.

As I heard the news I was looking through one of my office windows at my employees making phone calls. They were promoting seminars for Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn,

Ed with Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy,     Ben & Jerry and Muhammad Ali

Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins and Harv Eker, that was 1990, so much has changed over the years.

And yet so much has stayed the same… 

Relationships are still the key to business for most of us. Communications with our employees, communications with our customers and perhaps most important of all, communications with our prospective customers.

My grandfather was a great communicator. He was funny and always quick with a story. He is still much missed by the entire family, including my 97 year old grandmother who has lived on her own for these past 23 years.

My dad is also a great communicator and his communication skills served him well his entire life. I like to think I’m a pretty decent communicator too, in spite of my all too many and frequent typo’s in my blog posts.

As my old friend Jim Rohn used to say, “Good communication starts with having something good to say.” 

To bring this back around to business, specifically generating new business, something good to say is usually best framed in a way that allows the person you are communicating with to easily understand how they will benefit by doing business with you. 

Being able to skillfully and authentically convey a benefit oriented message in today’s business environment is often best done with video. I tend to keep my videos very short and homemade. This keeps my costs down and allows me to add videos quickly and easily. You can see a bunch on my video on my YouTube Channel. See-

I have many clients using video very successfully. Here’s an example of a more professionally developed video – 

Videos are also a great way to maintain long-term relationships on social media like Facebook & LinkedIn. In fact in the past 3 weeks I have had 2 people (one of them is one of the employees I was looking out my window at 23 years ago. He now owns a business in San Diego).

My grandparents in 1968

The other was a meeting planner for Vistage who I met 14 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida when she was booking me as a speaker. She is now married and her husband has a new business and she thought of me (because we maintained a relationship on Facebook). We’re now developing a Search Engine Optimized WordPress website for her and her husband.

Time goes on and with today’s technology it is easier than ever to maintain relationships and to become excellent in our communications.

I miss my Grandpa and I feel very blessed that I have been the recipient of his “good communicator gene.”  I also feel very fortunate to be able to use Facebook and video to maintain many longtime and long distance relationships, both business and personal (like my grandmother who is on Facebook daily).

I wish you all the best,