Advertising on Facebook can be an excellent way to attract high quality visitors to your website.

To get set up, you obviously need a Facebook account. Once you log in, you can get started right away. To set up an ad that will send people to your website, go to-

You will be directed to a design tool to get started on your ad. You will be asked for your website URL, a title for your ad, an image, and some body text. You can even see suggested ideas by clicking the “Suggest an Ad” button during your ad creation.

Once you are happy with the way your ad looks, you will choose a target demographic and see your ad’s estimated reach. You can choose a budget and time period for your ad as well.

Facebook ads are different from Google. With Google, you choose words that people will be searching for.

With Facebook, you choose what type of people you will send your ad to. If you are sending out an ad about dentistry supplies, for example, you can choose to send it to people with “dentist” or “oral surgeon” somewhere in their profile. Facebook Ads are a great way to pinpoint groups or individuals that fit your target market.