Based on what I’m seeing with my clients an “unintended consequence” of WordPress websites is more top Google rankings!

Over the weekend I was reviewing a number of my clients Google rankings and I noticed an unusual pattern, the clients with WordPress sites typically had many more top rankings than the clients with non-WordPress sites. I’m calling this an unintended consequence because of why this is happening.

Most small business owners choose WordPress because it’s inexpensive and easy to use (FYI 22% of ALL new websites are WordPress  see

While of course every small business owner wants to obtain and maintain top Google rankings, most don’t choose WordPress because they think they will get more top rankings if they do.  But here’s the deal; because WordPress and the SEO plug-ins are so easy to use WordPress users post more, and better optimized, content than their non-WordPress contemporaries and competitors, that’s why I’m saying the outcome is unintended. They are achieving more top rankings because they’re using WordPress but they did not choose WordPress because they anticipated more top rankings.

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Of course this Internet Marketing Coach website is WordPress too…

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