Yesterday I was talking with a new client who did an interesting test. He offered a discount coupon on his website. He tested coupons with and without expiration dates. What he found was the coupons that had an expiration date were redeemed at a rate 17% greater than those with no expiration date.

Urgency often boosts website conversions for both leads and sales, on both BtoB & BtoC websites.

Do you have clear “calls to action”, like redeeming a coupon, downloading a White Paper or buying a product?

Have you presented a compelling reason why your visitors should act now?

Remember, providing your visitors with a clear “next step” and offering them a compelling benefit to take that next step is both good sales psychology and simply good practice. Visitors want to know what they should do next and we all like being treated in a way that is special and don’t like to miss out on things we value.

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