Let’s start by looking at the results. Hundreds of qualified visitors averaging 8:17 minutes on the site while looking at an average of 3.67 pages.

Google says the average cost per click on the keyword is $13.03. So if I would have been paying per click I would have spent thousands of dollars.

My total investment?  ZERO $ and about 45 minutes of my time. 

SEO is such an incredibly affordable and effective way to get high quality visitors to your website.

Here’s the keyword I’m talking about- construction internet marketing – you will notice that I linked the keyword to the page that is optimized for that term. That’s part of my “link building” strategy.

Today’s tip- do like I just did and add “optimized links” to the optimized pages of your site- it’s important.

Google on the term “construction internet marketing” and see where you find the IMGmembers.com page.