I have worked with 3 clients this week who were all suffering from the same problem. They were getting a reasonable number of visits (between 100 & 2,000 unique visits per day) but their conversions were terrible, all were under 3% and one was way less than 1%.


In each case the problem was very obvious, and incredibly common. Lousy content!

All 3 were even making the same mistake with their content (again very common), their content was focused on features rather than benefits. 

Remember the mantra- Benefits, benefits, benefits! 

I don’t want a drill that delivers 650 in-lbs. of torque, I want a drill “with the most power in its class allowing you to drill through the hardest woods with ease and precision.”

Your content does the “heavy lifting”, spend time thinking about what your target customers REALLY want from the product or service you provide.

By the way, this is also a good way to create new products. Write some excellent copy and then create a product that fulfills, or ideally, exceeds the promises made in your copy.

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