The first of each moth I run Search Engine Ranking Reports for my clients. These Reports show me, and the client, where their website is currently ranking on all of their most important keywords. These reports are crucial to the Kaizen philosophy I have long used as part of my SEO program.

SERR 08-02-13

This month the Reports showed my clients gained more than 1,700 new 1st Page Google Rankings and more than

In ALL cases the sites with the greatest gains had excellent “on page” SEO.

Also worth noting is the fact that several of the big gainers do virtually no social or pay per click marketing. This clearly demonstrates that top organic rankings can still be obtained without spending money on PPC or time on social media.  2,500 rankings on pages 2 and 3!

Also, one site is less than 6 months old. It’s in a very competitive space and already has 354 top 30 rankings with 154 on these on 1st page. This shows that new websites can obtain top rankings.

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