When I mention I provide Internet marketing coaching to small business owners, many quickly brush off the idea, saying they don’t need a marketing coach, all they need is someone do their Internet marketing for them. Then, I ask a few questions, and their attitude shifts from “I don’t need a coach” to “When can we schedule a coaching session?”

Here’s why:

  • As your Internet marketing coach I can provide specific, proven, “to do’s” that are easy to understand and implement. As a small business owner, you probably consider yourself knowledgeable about your business and marketing your business. However, the dramatic changes in world of Internet marketing are difficult to keep pace with. I specialize in knowing the best ways to obtain top Google rankings, use social marketing and get your website to convert visitors to customers or leads. I can explain how changes will impact your business and provide the best strategies to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in your market.
  • As your marketing coach I’ll give you energy, drive and determination. Internet marketing can be extremely frustrating. You know you have an outstanding product or service but you just can’t get it exposed. You know that your business could grow, but you don’t know what to do first. It is easy to feel discouraged, overwhelmed and confused. I help you overcome those negative feelings and reenergize you and your marketing efforts.
  • As your Internet marketing coach I’ll make you accountable. When you’ve promised to make 2 blog and 5 social networking posts by the end of the week, do you really want to have to call your coach and tell him or her you didn’t make the calls? By making yourself accountable to another, you’ll find instant motivation.
  • As your coach I can help you determine you Unique Selling Proposition so we can differentiate your business from your competitors. We will work to attract new visitors to your website and “convert” a higher percentage of those visitors to customers.

Not every small business owner needs a Internet marketing coach. However, a coach can be a tremendously motivating force that will propel your business to new levels of success. Call me 541-482-4840