Here’s the truth, at least the way I see it today. For most small businesses marketing on Facebook is not all that important. At most, for MOST small businesses, it provides a slight competitive advantage. Of course a slight competitive advantage can be a VERY good thing… and marketing on Facebook can certainly be worth the time and effort.

But here’s the REST OF THE STORY… and why it is now ESSENTIAL to ramp up your marketing on Facebook and other social media- GOOGLE! 

I said earlier that marketing on Facebook is not that important and that is true when you are measuring the DIRECT RETURN but what is INCREDIBLY important to almost every small business is showing up high in the Google search results on your important keywords. Now Google is including “social interaction” in its algorithm. In other words the INDIRECT benefit of marketing on Facebook and other social media is SEO.

At this time the “weight” given to the social networks in Google’s algorithm seems to be rather light, meaning that it does not currently play a large part in the ranking results but EVERY SEO expert I know, every study and forecast I read and my own gut tells me this “social factor” will continually increase in importance over the coming months and years.

My advice- ramp up your social marketing. Create more social engagement and use “Pull Components” to compel your social connections to visit and interact with your website.

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