I didn’t want to write this post… but I had to. Why? Because my last post was over a week ago. If I want to maintain my relevance in Google’s eyes, and I do, I MUST consistently add new content.

MY ADVICE TO YOU… When you don’t want to write a new post, or add new content to your website, suck it up. Google delivers many, many, thousands of visitors to my websites all for free, the least I can do is regularly add some content. Wouldn’t you agree?

COMMON MISTAKE WARNING: In the past few months it seems like I’ve been hit by an onslaught of websites that have been really poorly conceived. Specifically the stories have been so poorly crafted and articulated that the websites didn’t convert well and worse, they couldn’t muster any social juice.

Craft your story! Think. Think. Think. What problem do you solve? Why should I believe you? What social proof can you offer?

Your story is your foundation… if it sucks… well… everything built on it will suck too.