Do you ever wonder why you do what you do… or better: Why you DON’T DO what you don’t do… even when you absolutely know you should?

I lost 110 pounds (see and, as I’m fond of saying, I did it without drugs, surgery or willpower. What I have now discovered is the neuroscience of my weight loss plan can be directly applied to Internet marketing in a way that can effortlessly transform your business.

I have spent the last several years trying to determine why I was able to lose the weight this time, after decades of buying books, going on diets and mustering up willpower and discipline only to fall short of my desires and ultimately slip back into old habits and gain even more weight.

Now, after hundreds of hours of soul searching and mediation; and after reading (actually listening to- I’m a huge fan of audio books) dozens of books on human behavior I have come to some conclusions.

Since I’m a simplifier by nature, I tend to take the complex and boil it down into its most basic and essential elements. Here’s what I have come to believe:

I did 3 very simple things that transformed my body:

  1. I found a compelling reason
  2. I identified new things to do
  3. I changed my habits

Here’s how this relates to you and your business… 

Right now you have a set of behaviors and habits associated to your Internet marketing.

  •         You either write content or blog posts every week or you don’t.
  •         You post to social media daily or you don’t.
  •         You monitor your SEO and rankings or… you don’t.
  •         You monitor visitor engagement on your website or you don’t.

Here’s my point, these things you are doing, or not doing, have become habits. Like my old habits around food and exercise, your habits around your Internet marketing may not be taking you in the direction you want to go.  In my case my habits were robbing me of health and vitality. I was setting myself up for catastrophic failure; a heart attack or stroke.

You may be on the same path right now with your business. Your business may be just surviving rather than thriving. The future of your business may be uncertain rather than bright.

So what becomes the catalyst for change, for you?

What can be done to shift your habits and patterns in a way that supports the outcome you want for your business?

For me, my first step was identifying a “bigger purpose” and what I have found in my studies is that this is very common.  Surgeon General’s warnings are not enough to get people to quit smoking (in fact there is evidence that suggests they could actually increase it), the possibility of a heart attack in the distant future is not an effect habit changer and for many small business owners the thought of making more money is just not compelling enough to transform behaviors.

“We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people,
and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”-Steve Jobs 

Jobs had a vision that drove his behaviors and having a vision is something that you can do to. It’s exactly what I did before I started losing weight. I had a new vision for myself, a compelling reason to change my eating and exercise habits.  Of course I still had to find new things to do, new things to eat, new ways to move, and you will have to find new things to do related to your Internet marketing (of course I can help with that).

The starting point, the thing you can do right now to start building a better future for your business is to establish a compelling vision, a reason, a WHY you do what you do.

All the best.

One last thing, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg is absolutely fascinating. I highly recommend it.