Well Google has eliminated it’s Google Places, or more accurately it has converted it to what they are now calling Google+ Local and there are a number of important changes you should be aware of. The folks at Search Engine Land wrote an excellent blog post explaining what these changes entail.

See- http://searchengineland.com/google-places-is-over-company-makes-google-the-center-of-gravity-for-local-search-122770 

There is also an interesting post at- http://www.enterwebhub.com/the-internet-giant-google-introduces-google-local-a-visionary-attempt-for-social-media/

And another at- http://www.cnbc.com/id/47705804

Because Local Search is so crucial to so many business I have invited a Local Search Expert to join me on a special web-based training session on Tuesday, June 19th. I’m still nailing down the details but the session will be FREE and it will be on the 19th. I’ll let you know more very soon.

If you have any questions about Google+ Local or Local Search in general please send them to me in an e-mail or ask them at the bottom of this post and I’ll make sure you get your questions answered. 


I just added a new video to the Home page of this website. I would love to hear your comments. Also, if you are not using video in your website or blogs I want to STRONGLY encourage you to give it a try. Video almost always increases the conversion ratio.