Tim Ferriss wrote a bestselling book a few years ago called The 4-Hour Work Week. Now I’ll confess that I have never been able to cut my work week to 4 hours (and I never really tried to). The fact is I rarely work less than 40 hours a week, but here’s what I have done. I have created a huge amount of flexibility in my schedule and I have designed my work so that I absolutely enjoy EVERY MINUTE of what I do. This has allowed me to take my hobby, being Santa, to whole new level.

Here’s the EXCITING news…

Yesterday I “signed with” Coast to Coast Talent Agency in LA. They are going to help me get booked on TV commercials.

Of course I’m going to continue to do ALL of my coaching and speaking I’m simply expanding my hobby.

I’ll be spending much more time in Hollywood. In fact I’m looking for a very small place to rent in the LA area, if you have or know of anything please let me know.

Here’s why I wrote this post…

I want you to know that being Santa is a lot of fun for me and while I’m going to spend more time in Hollywood I’m absolutely going to continue to  provide ALL of my services as an Internet marketing coach and speaker- it’s what I do. Being Santa is simply a HOBBY that I typically spend a few hours a week doing. 🙂