This is undoubtedly the most overlooked, unglamorous, and least liked aspect of a successful website. And it’s essential and can multiply the effectiveness of ALL of your other advertising and marketing, including word of mouth… and it can NOT be done by your webmaster, graphic artist or programmer. What am I talking about?

Crafting your message. 

The process of creating content (written or video) that clearly, and in an engaging, compelling way, lets your visitors know what you provide, what differentiates you from their other options and why they should care.

Here’s how Trader Joe’s differentiates their cherries from those of their competitors… 

We harvest fresh, tree-ripened Bing Cherries grown in California and the Pacific Northwest. At the absolute peak of sweet maturity, the fruits are too fragile to be shipped fresh to market, so they are washed, stemmed and air dried. Before being packaged, the soft, moist cherries are pitted; so all that remains is the sweet flesh, concentrated with natural cherry flavor. There is absolutely nothing else added – no sweeteners, no preservatives, no artificial colors – nothing. Deep red, almost black, and juicy, our Unsweetened, Unsulfured Dried Bing Cherries are delicious for snacking, trek mix making and baking. Each eight ounce bag (equivalent to about 2.5 pounds of fresh cherries) is just $4.99, a real “life is just a bowl of cherries” kind of price. 

Look at the detail (tree-ripened), the adjectives (absolute peak of sweet maturity) and the benefits (no preservatives, no Trader Joeartificial flavors).

How about this…

James Beard made garlic “gourmet” when he published a classic Provençal recipe for cooking chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. Inspired by this transformational recipe, we set out to create our very own gourmet garlic sauce. Rather than focus on the number, we focused on the flavor, leveraging many garlic cloves in all of their finest forms: fresh chopped garlic, garlic purée, roasted garlic and garlic powder. Mixed together with Chablis, chicken stock, cream, brandy and butter, our Many Clove Garlic Sauce boasts full flavor with great depth, complexity and mild pungency. Like the original recipe upon which it was modeled, this sauce is certain to inspire gastronomic garlic delight, especially at our great price of $2.99for an 18 ounce jar. 

The story sells! 

The concept here is to tell a story, a story that engages the reader while educating them about you, or your product or service, and at the same time demonstrate the value in your offer.

Today ALL marketing, (social, mobile, SEO, word of mouth, etc.) results in curious people checking out what you do by visiting your website.  You then have between 5 to 10 seconds to engage them… or they “bounce”, that is they have seen enough and they leave your website- 5 to 10 SECONDS!!!

The success of ALL of your advertising and marketing is helped, or hurt, in a matter of seconds by how well your message is crafted.

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