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This test was the result of a BIG copywriting conflict between
the site’s founders.  One was certain different homepage copy
would increase ecommerce sales.  His co-founders thought he was
completely and utterly wrong.  So, they ran this test….

Can you guess which landing page version got DOUBLE the conversion rate of the other? Understanding what will increase your website conversions can massively increase your bottom-line profits. Checkout these results but be sure to read the entire analysis.

The only difference between the two is that one has a top nav bar, and the other does not.

Conversions were the number of visitors who signed up to start a wedding registry on this kitchen ecommerce site. The site’s popular in South Africa, but we think this landing page test could yield eye-opening results in any country in the world.

So, take your best shot at guessing which version did better,and then post your comments:

Imagine… you change the words on the page of your website and 184% more visitors become customers or leads. How much would that be worth to you per month? Per Year? Watch this video very closely (it’s only 2 1/2 minutes) and be sure to visit the link below to learn more.
YouTube Preview Image

Be sure to visit to learn more about this test and hundreds of others.

Can you guess which of these two Pay Per Click Landing Pages got 98% more trial downloads? In other words, which page got nearly twice as many leads for the same amount of money?
YouTube Preview Image

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There were many differences between the two pages, some of which included different people, page content, and button copy so look close.  So far more people have guessed the loser then the winner. Will you guess the right one? Watch the video and see…
YouTube Preview Image

Also be sure to visit Which Test Won to read why they think the winner won.

One of these 2 buttons got 87.5% more click throughs than the other. 87.5%! This incredibly simple A/B split test shows just how important testing can be to your results.

In this test the only change is the button text. Watch the video below…

Which won: short and sweet or a more descriptive call-to-action?

YouTube Preview Image

Be sure to read the details. See

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If you’ve ever wanted to test a single big benefit vs multiple bulleted benefits, this test is for you!

Bear in mind that this was a template page test for a variety of experience gift products across the site, such as stock car driving and surfing.

YouTube Preview Image
Be sure to visit-

Can you tell which version of this homepage image improved lead generation rates by 26%?  Checkout this short video (2:10). Nothing else on the page changed aside from the image:
YouTube Preview Image

This is a great test to share with all the graphic designers you know to open their eyes to how seemingly inconsequential design changes can kick up your site’s conversion rate.

Here’s a link to Which Test Won so you can read all of the details >>>Click Here

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Can you guess which color text link got 53% more clicks? One was red, the other blue. Nothing else on this homepage was changed. Watch the video below:
YouTube Preview Image
I love this test in part because it’s such a nice clean A/B split, with only one single element being tested.  I think you’ll enjoy it to. You can take the test, learn more about it and subscribe to the Which Test Won newsletter  at- 

Can you guess which PPC landing page convinced 38% more button clickers to complete a 5-page process & purchase business insurance?

I’m always amazed by how little, often counter-intuitive, changes in website design and layout can have a dramatic affect on the conversion ratio of a landing page, or any webpage for that matter. The conversion ratio is determined by taking the number of people who took an action, like filling out a form, and dividing it by the total number of people who visit the webpage.

This is a great example. See if you can guess which page was the winner

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