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Want to link to a certain scene in a YouTube video? You can. Let’s say you want to jump 25 seconds into this video,, to the scene where Olympian Kerri Walsh is featured. Simply add #t=0m25s to the YouTube link so that it is The extra code translates to zero minutes and 25 seconds.

If you have subscribed to this blog for long you know I love videos. I have nearly 150 videos on my YouTube Channel- and my videos have been viewed over 13,100 times. I also have nearly a hundred private videos that are hosted on AmazonS3.

I highly recommend that you start using video marketing aren’t already. Videos can be just about anything- you talking, a product demo, a promotional campaign, or anything that highlights your company or product/service.

These videos don’t have to be professionally made- even inexpensive cameras will work fine. I use a Flip camera and my iPhone for shooting me or others and I use Camtaisia for my “screen capture” videos.

Once you create your video, post it to YouTube or another video hosting site. Be sure to include an excellent description of your video including keywords. Link the video back to your website too. You may want to even a “bottom third ad”

Then you can promote the video on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Encourage others to share it too.

You may also want a “YouTube Skin” to brand your channel see

Have you had any particular success with Video Marketing? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!

Here’s a great way to take your YouTube Channel to the next level. In the video below I show you how to add a “bottom third” ad to the videos you are displaying on your YouTube channel. You can use these ads to link viewers to your website or any specific Landing Page. You can even add an image.
YouTube Preview Image

To see this actually working on my YouTube Channel CLICK HERE

Please leave your comments below.

The the second video below is a great example of leveraging the Internet to build a brand. The first is a customer complaint (done in a fun way via YouTube) that paves the way to the opportunity.
YouTube Preview Image

Taylor guitar (the manufacturer of the guitar in video 1) recognizes an opportunity and makes this video. Look at the number of views!
YouTube Preview Image

Not only is this brilliant, it’s today. It’s real. It’s effective. It’s low budget.

What opportunities are out there for you? This whole concept is about being aware of what is happening in real time and responding in a way that build your business or brand.

You can add your YouTube Channel to your Facebook page in about 60 seconds. This video, which is 89 seconds, will show you exactly how to do it. So, in less than 5 minutes from now you could have your YouTube Channel added to your Facebook page.  Oh, and it’s FREE
YouTube Preview Image

Screen capture video, or screencasts, can be an excellent way to introduce your website visitors to your products and services. In the screencast below I’ll introduce you to a FREE, incredibly easy to use, website that will allow you to make your own screencasts in minutes for FREE.
YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a link to Please leave me your thoughts and comments below.

Last night I re-edited an old video and added it to the home page of I excerpted clips from an old “speaker demo real”. My speaking parts were out dated, (amazingly more due to my looks than the content of what I was saying, much of what I was speaking on was strategic and still very applicable today) but my point is that with 20 or 25 inutes of editing I was able to harvest some very usable video content and add it to this website.

YouTube Preview Image

Check it out and let me know what you think. The video is about mid-page. Do you have “old” video that you can re-purpose?

It is now incredibly easy to add a YouTube video to your LinkedIn profile. The video below will show you, exactly, step-by-step how to do it. To see the video I added my LinkedIn profile simply click the link below and then scroll down my profile below the SlideShare and the blog posts and you will see a YouTube embedded in a Google Docs container. If you are not already logged into LinkedIn it may take a few seconds for the SlideShare and the video to load. Check it out Click Here

The instructional video below was created by my LinkedIn connection Nate Kievman. In it Nate will show you how you can add a video to YOUR LinkedIn profile in less than 10 minutes.

YouTube Preview Image

Google is closing “Google Video”. They say they are “working to automatically migrate your Google Videos to YouTube.” They have also added an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option, making it easy to send your videos from your Google Video account to your YouTube account.

I just transferred a dozen or so in about 2 minutes. Here are more details…


FATAL FLAW# 10- Going it aloneWebsite success is not a technical accomplishment, website success is the result of MARKETING. Internet marketing in 2011 requires commitment and expertise. You must identify appropriate traffic building strategies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc,), you must make sure your Internet marketing strategies are properly executed and that the results are monitored. Conversion Elements must be tested to maximize the number of leads or sales generated from your website visitors. Most small business don’t have in-house staff with the knowledge and the time to manage these important activities that’s why we created

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