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This will make your Facebook marketing a bit easier…

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I use Facebook to promote my business and my events, I use it to stay in contact with clients and to maintain “Top Of Mind Awareness” with potential clients. Occasionally I get someone who “needs to be schooled”. Here’s a video I created to do just that.

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2 things… 

  1. This is a good tip. Some people don’t know they can turn off the notifications.
  2. Video is a GREAT tool. In 3 minutes I could explain the process, visually show the person how to do it and add a tone to my words that allowed the viewer to interpret my message in a way that was probably much different than if he would have just read the words in a written message.

SEO Update-
One of my clients just gained 273 Top 10 listings.  Now is definitely the time to be refocusing on your SEO efforts.

“Top of mind awareness” is being thought of by the right people and at the right time.

One marketing challenge that we all face as small business people is getting our potential customers to know about us AND to have them think of us at the time they are looking for the products or services we offer.

I would like to think the videos on my website, my services as an Internet marketing coach and the results I get for my clients would cause anyone who visits my website to remember me forever and definitely contact me when they are looking for the services I offer.

Let me ask… Does that sound very likely? Of course not.

Here’s the real truth. Most people remember me and what I offer for a little while. Maybe a day, or a week, maybe even a couple of weeks. But before long my name has slipped from their “top of mind awareness”. Does that sound more likely?

If you are honest with yourself you will recognize that the same thing happens with people who are exposed to your business. They see your ad, or a sign, or visit your website and before long your business slips into the fog of all of the other ads they have seen and websites they have visited.

That’s just the way it is… UNLESS…

We recognize the importance of maintaining top of mind awareness and come up with a strategy to enter into long term relationships with potential customers.

Here’s what I do:

  • I offer FREE Internet marketing tips via my blog.
  • I offer several ways for potential customers to subscribe to my e-mails.
  • I offer content on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

ALL of these are designed to help build and maintain top of mind awareness with potential customers.

Do you have a plan to maintain top of mind awareness with your potential customers? 

Consider this:

  • Offer a compelling reason for people to subscribe to your blog or e-mail list.
  • Provide interesting, thought provoking and valuable information to your subscribers.
  • Consistently send your information. I regularly have people become customers after years of receiving my e-mails and or blog posts.
  • Quarterly (and probably monthly) is not frequent enough.

Helping small businesses improve their top of mind awareness, SEO, Social Marketing, PPC, E-mail Marketing, website conversions, etc. is exactly what I provide as an Internet Marketing Coach.

When it comes to using Linkedin to build your business understanding how to create your “Linkedin Profile” is crucial. Below I have linked to several excellent articles and posts that will help you create a Linkedin Profile that will evoke confidence and trust in you and in your business. These are the essential first steps  to successfully using Linkedin as a business development tool.

While I think it’s important that you understand how to get the most out of Linkedin to help you grow your business… that is not the primaryreason I’m writing this blog post. My primary reason is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A few minutes ago I discovered that many people are actually Googling on- “linkedin linkedin”, they are entering the word Linkedin twice in the Google search. This post is being optimized for that strange but apparently popular keyword- linkedin linkedin.

As an Internet marketing coach I wanted to turn this into another real time SEO experiment. I did a similar SEO experiment a year or so ago on the keyword  “Construction Internet Marketing” which I now have a top ranking on.

I hope you will use the information below to build your Linkedin profile. I created my profile on Linkedin several years ago and I regularly get new clients and referrals as a result.

To test the effectiveness of my SEO tactics Google on the keyword- “linkedin linkedin” sometime after April 23rd and see where this post is in the rankings. As of today I’m nowhere in the top 500 Google listings on that keyword.

As an Internet marketing coach I help my clients with both their SEO and with their marketing on Linkedin and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I also do much more but this post is not about that.

Linkedin Linkedin – 20 Million Searches!!!


Of course “linkedin linkedin” is a strange keyword and most of my SEO efforts are on keywords that are a bit more conventional, such as; “Construction Internet Marketing”, but when I saw “linkedin linkedin” was getting over 20 million searches per month AND the competition was low I just had to give it a try. If I get a first, or even a second page Google ranking on this keyword it will probably add thousands of new visitors to my website and since Linkedin is a resource used by a lot of small business owners I have reason to believe some percentage of these new visitors will hire me to become their Internet Marketing Coach. I think my odds are good that this will be time well spent.

Remember, give Google a few days to spider and index this page and then search on “linkedin linkedin” and see where this page is ranking.

Here are the links I mentioned at the top of this post:

In the video below I show the most common mistake I’m seeing small businesses make on Facebook. Go to your personal Facebook page and click on your employer, I’ll bet it’s NOT linking to your Facebook Business Page. This is one of the most common mistakes I see businesses making on Facebook.  In the video below I show you what I’m talking about and I show you how to fix the problem in about 15 seconds!

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I first published this post 7 months ago – Facebook Business Page & Your Personal Profile- Avoid this Common Mistake

Now that the Facebook Timeline
has rolled out worldwide, the way you access your Employer field has changed.
Mari Smith has provided some screen shots on the link below that you may find helpful.

Sunday, March 4th was my 58th birthday. Because of the “Happy Birthday on Facebook” message that automatically showed up to my 3,169 Facebook friends I received a very unexpected “bonus gift” from Facebook- NEW CLIENTS.

It’s true. About 9% of my Facebook friends wished me Happy Birthday and of those 3 contacted me and asked about doing business with me. So far I have talked to one person and we are definitely going to do business together.

In this Happy Birthday on Facebook video I show how it worked…
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Victoria Ransom, the founder and CEO of Wildfire Interactive, wrote a terrific article about new Timeline for brands launched by Facebook. If you have not yet seen it you can see mine at- 

I STRONGLY encourage you to read the article.

I also suggest that you enroll in the FREE webinar that Wildfire if offering TODAY. Register now and you will get access to the recording even if you can’t attend live.

Here’s the link to the article 

Here’s the webinar registration link- 

This is GREAT information BUT remember… Successfully marketing your business on the Internet starts with other things, like SEO and conversion optimization.

Don’t spend too much time or money on social marketing until you have a SOLID marketing foundation.

If you are not yet one of my Internet marketing coaching clients I suggest you start with a SWOT analysis.

For the next 5 days you have FREE access to Social Marketing- Minimum Investment, Maximum Return.

This is the recording of a webinar I delivered 10 days ago to an Association meeting in Toronto. I’m providing open access until February 10th, after that it will be available to my coaching clients only.

You will learn the best strategy, specific tactics and a couple of e-commerce solutions you will want to check out.

Here’s the link- again, it’s only available to non-clients until 02-10-12

This is a GREAT INFOGRAPHIC that explains the psychology of Social Marketing…

When you combine the power of the mind and the force of social shopping, you have a mighty confabulation of social rules and subconscious needs. Together, these things play into the psychology of social commerce. Psychologists have defined six universal heuristics or learning methods that have been seen in shoppers and are now being seen in social commerce.

Go to and check this out in more detail.

Blogs are Good, Easy, Effective, and Fun. Really they are. 

You, yes you, can easily create and maintain and you don’t even need a webmaster.

I love WordPress. It’s simple. Go to and click on the “sign up” tab in the upper right-hand corner. Create your account and then begin designing your blog. Choose a name blog that is appropriate to your company/industry and is appealing to readers.

Another (and in my mind much better) way to use WordPress is as a Content Management System (CMS), like this site. I personally have 14 wordpress “mini sites” and have many clients with them. They are really a terrific alternative for small businesses. If you need help with a WordPress site let me know.

Once you set up your blog, it’s time to start creating content. Content can be anything you want it to be, but it should obviously be relevant to your target audience. You can find many posts here on my blog about writing compelling and Search Engine Optimized content.

You might consider writing about:

  • Tips that your reads might find helpful
  • Product features
  • Book reviews
  • Tutorials and how-to guides
  • Interviews with people your readers will find interesting or can learn from

Encourage your readers to ask questions, comments, or feedback. If they leave a comment, be sure to respond to them— everyone likes to be noticed.

It is also important to contribute to your blog regularly (at least once a week). This will ensure that your content is fresh and that your visitors keep coming back and it is actually easier than it sounds. For example I’m writing this post early on Sunday, October 30th and I’m scheduling it to post on my blog a month from now on November 29th. For me scheduling is one of the great things about a blog. I can write my posts when I have the time and am in the mood and I can schedule them way into the future.

Find what works for you and keep it consistent and keep it real and of course have fun with it!

Have you had any particular success with Blogs? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and experiences!

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