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You know I’m a huge fan of social networking BUT most people, get to most websites, most of the time, from a search engines, period!

Google, Yahoo! and Bing will drive FAR MORE qualified visitors to your website and (if your website does a good job converting visitors into customers or leads) add far more profits to your bottom line  than Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter and the rest combined. Again, I love them all, but in 2012 SEO IS STILL KING when it comes to adding profits to your small business. Get your SEO in order FIRST and then build your social networking and mobile marketing.

Check out the video, it reveals the #1 key to a successful SEO campaign.
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Internet Coach is a fairly competitive keyword and one that I would like to have top Google rankings on. 30 days ago I started a real time demonstration of both my ability to take a term that I had absolutely no rankings on and obtain top rankings, and the SEO process used to get the top rankings.

You can visit the page I optimized at Internet Coach – the preceding link is an example of “optimized link text”. Optimized link text includes the keyword you are optimizing in the link, in lieu of using something like “To see the page I optimized for the keyword Internet Coach click here” which is using the words “click here” as the link text. (Learn more about hiring me to be your Internet Marketing Coach.)

If you would please Google on the keyword – Internet Coach – and see where this site- is ranking and add it to the comments below I would really appreciate it. You may be surprised at the differences in the Google rankings people see.

For me, and again we all see slightly different results when we do Google searches, I see the IMGmembers ranking in the #14 spot, the middle of the second page. This is not where I want to be obviously but it is MUCH better than not showing up at all which is where I was 30 days ago.

So far, in the last 30 days, and remember 30 days ago I had not even optimized a single page of this site for the term “Internet Coach” and I was not listed on that term at all, now I have a mid 2nd page Google ranking- 20 people have visited this site as a result of the ranking and these visitors have stayed on the site, on average, over 5:00 minutes each.

I wrote this post both to provide a progress report to you and also and, from an SEO perspective more importantly, to provide inbound links to the optimized Internet Coach page. 🙂


Legitimate inbound links (or backlinks) are important to Google and the other search engines and here’s an easy first step.

Add optimized links from all of your own domains to the appropriate pages of your website. This includes your blog, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and any other social media. When you add post on these social sites be sure to include links back to your site, as appropriate.

When possible, try to insert keywords into the anchor text (the text that acts as the link, such as click here or learn more). A keyword-rich link might read “Ashland Mechanic” or “tune-up Ashland Oregon”. This will increase your keyword relevance and boost your rankings.

If you missed yesterday’s webinar “How To Obtain & Maintain Top Google Rankings” the video is now available  at-

Here are a few VERY RANDOM comments about the webinar.

Appreciate Ed’s friendly, non-jargon style and broad experience. Also good tips. I  recommend Ed to every business I intersect with. 

Great example of meaty content for coaching sessions. 

Ed seems very knowledgeable about web blogging. Gave me several tips I will use in my next blog. 

Good stuff, I am learning a lot. 

Wish I could have listened to entire presentation but will visit the video.  Thank you! 

Learned a lot, and I’m a computer tech who uses SEO. Ed knows more than I do about Google rankings! 

I liked the interactive nature of it.  Felt the content was interrupted by taking questions.  Would rather have heard questions at end. 

Nice to get a refresher on the many resources that are available from you and your site.  I also picked up some tips on how to model our own webinars or webcase from the structure and content of your presentation.  Thanks. 

Great job, Ed.  Thanks!




Yesterday I produced a Social Marketing training program for The International Houswares Association. It is a straight forward video with action steps, recommendations and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of different Social Marketing tactics. All of that is good, and important, but; should Social Marketing be your starting point?

Here’s what you have to know- Google, in every case, for me and every one of my clients, delivers FAR more traffic than FaceBook and all social sites combined (even those who are very active in social media). So on sheer numbers Google wins, that said, social tactics like inviting people to an event, or using social posts to quickly fill openings in a schedule, for example a mechanic or chiropractor who has a cancellation of an afternoon appointment are great.

I say we walk and chew gum, in other words we start with both. Both are processes, both build over time, by the way did you know that the longer a small business has been Social Marketing the more time they spend doing it, it’s true. The reason is it does work, the same is true with SEO, the more you understand how to optimize your web pages and blog posts the more you will do it. Both can significantly add to your profits.

For help with your Social Marketing and your SEO let’s start with a FREE evaluation and come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget.

I’m often asked about SEO and Social marketing and which is “best” or “most important”. Small business owners hear all the buzz about Social marketing on FaceBook, Linkedin and Twitter and they feel they are missing out on something, and they are, BUT, and this is a big but, SEO will (I want to say always but I’m sure there are exceptions) deliver substantially more visitors and  usually higher quality visitors than social marketing. I look at hundreds of analytic reports each month and I have NEVER seen a case where social marketing outperformed SEO.

SEO delivers way more “bang for the buck” or “return on time”. Social marketing is terrific and you should be using social marketing BUT ALWAYS get your SEO working first. Identify 100 or so of your best keywords and check your Search Engine Ranking Reports and traffic sources in your analytics at least monthly.

Setting your marketing priorities is essential to success, otherwise it’s just too easy to waste time on focusing on less effective strategies and tactics before the real “game changers” are in place.

A great place to start with with our “Economy Plan” it’s only $77 and it can totally change your approach to Internet marketing. See

“Search Engine Ranking Reports” are essential to SEO success. Ranking reports show where your website is ranking on each of your “keywords”, on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Here’s a “day in the life” of our SEO process. We typically work on the SEO for several clients each day. The day starts with a Ranking Report for each client. The report shows where our clients website (and often 2 or 3 of their competitors websites) are ranking on the keywords we had already identified.

Search Engine Ranking ReportThis is image was captured from our Reporting software. It shows the differences in rankings since last month for a few of our clients that we are working on right now. Of course the client names were blurred out to maintain their privacy.

We use the ranking report to measure the success of the tactics we implemented last month and we also identify opportunities for improvement this month, for example, when we see 2nd or 3rd page Google ranking on a particular term we evaluate the competing websites that are in the higher positions and identify which additional SEO tactics could be effective in capturing a precious first page ranking.

The client of course gets access to a comprehensive report so they can see exactly where they are ranking on each of the search engines for each of the terms we are optimizing.

Identifying your best “keywords” or “search terms” is an absolute MUST for successful SEO and it is closely followed by your Search Engine Ranking Reports. You (and your SEO person) MUST know where your site is ranking on your keywords so you know what keywords to focus on. As a provider of SEO services to small businesses we want our clients to know what’s going on relative to their SEO and, as a business owner, I would think you would want to know.

If you would like help with SEO or any of your Internet marketing give us a call. 541-482-4840 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 541-482-4840 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.Very honest help at a very fair price.

Our initial keyword research and Search Engine Ranking Report is only $77. and the monthly reports are only $27! Get more info at-

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