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This simple blog post had a #4 Google ranking in a week and now, 8 months later, it’s in the #2 slot. This is a 3 1/2 minute Case Study on how to obtain and maintain top Google rankings.
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Here’s the original post- Construction Internet Marketing

Here’s the follow-up post-

You know I’m a huge fan of social networking BUT most people, get to most websites, most of the time, from a search engines, period!

Google, Yahoo! and Bing will drive FAR MORE qualified visitors to your website and (if your website does a good job converting visitors into customers or leads) add far more profits to your bottom line  than Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter and the rest combined. Again, I love them all, but in 2012 SEO IS STILL KING when it comes to adding profits to your small business. Get your SEO in order FIRST and then build your social networking and mobile marketing.

Check out the video, it reveals the #1 key to a successful SEO campaign.
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Build pages around phrases like Where can I or How can I because there are a TON of searches for variations of these. Just search for one of these phrases using Google Keyword tool and you’ll see what I mean.

Internet Coach is a fairly competitive keyword and one that I would like to have top Google rankings on. 30 days ago I started a real time demonstration of both my ability to take a term that I had absolutely no rankings on and obtain top rankings, and the SEO process used to get the top rankings.

You can visit the page I optimized at Internet Coach – the preceding link is an example of “optimized link text”. Optimized link text includes the keyword you are optimizing in the link, in lieu of using something like “To see the page I optimized for the keyword Internet Coach click here” which is using the words “click here” as the link text. (Learn more about hiring me to be your Internet Marketing Coach.)

If you would please Google on the keyword – Internet Coach – and see where this site- is ranking and add it to the comments below I would really appreciate it. You may be surprised at the differences in the Google rankings people see.

For me, and again we all see slightly different results when we do Google searches, I see the IMGmembers ranking in the #14 spot, the middle of the second page. This is not where I want to be obviously but it is MUCH better than not showing up at all which is where I was 30 days ago.

So far, in the last 30 days, and remember 30 days ago I had not even optimized a single page of this site for the term “Internet Coach” and I was not listed on that term at all, now I have a mid 2nd page Google ranking- 20 people have visited this site as a result of the ranking and these visitors have stayed on the site, on average, over 5:00 minutes each.

I wrote this post both to provide a progress report to you and also and, from an SEO perspective more importantly, to provide inbound links to the optimized Internet Coach page. 🙂


Legitimate inbound links (or backlinks) are important to Google and the other search engines and here’s an easy first step.

Add optimized links from all of your own domains to the appropriate pages of your website. This includes your blog, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and any other social media. When you add post on these social sites be sure to include links back to your site, as appropriate.

When possible, try to insert keywords into the anchor text (the text that acts as the link, such as click here or learn more). A keyword-rich link might read “Ashland Mechanic” or “tune-up Ashland Oregon”. This will increase your keyword relevance and boost your rankings.

Internet Coach

Nearly all of my Internet coaching clients are interested in SEO. Nearly all small business clients are rightfully skeptical about hiring a coach. So I’m inviting you to follow along, in real time, to see the results I can produce.

I did a similar “real time SEO demo” in May, 2011 on the term “Construction Internet Marketing“. In fact, you can click the link above to see for yourself. You will find a page of ranks organically (not an ad) on the first page of Google.

This time I optimized for the keyword- Internet Coach.

This page went live on 0ctober 17, 2011 and at that time I had NO rankings on the word Internet coach at all, NONE!

Continue to read the content below and notice how I used keywords and variations like “coaching” and “coached”  throughout. That is an SEO tactic that is very effective. Of course, there are many other tactics as well. As your Internet coach I will show you and/or your team how to implement them all.

If I wasn’t using this as a coaching tool I would have simply started with the content below.

All the best,




Actual Content Optimized for the Keyword Internet Coach

“Santa” Ed Taylor specializes in the following Internet Coaching services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), Local Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-mail and video marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as website conversion improvement.

With Ed Taylor as your Internet Coach you (or your team) can improve the results produced by all of your marketing and advertising, both online and off. Your first Internet coaching session is FREE simply call 541-482-4840 to schedule a time. You will receive an Internet marketing analysis and detailed action plan.

“Santa” Ed’s Internet Coaching services are designed specifically for small businesses looking for  cost-effective methods of reaching new prospects and increasing profits. Internet marketing coach, “Santa” Ed Taylor, will guide you and/or your team through the Internet marketing maze, or Ed will consult with your webmaster and provide step-by-step direction on how to improve your search engine rankings and all of your Internet marketing.

Many things can prevent your website from ranking on the first page of Google for your particular keywords. We analyze your website from code, content and server side metrics to determine if you have all of the elements in place that search engines favor such as:

  • a properly configured robots.txt file
  • an xml site map
  • 301 redirects
  • Effective use of Internal and External Links
  • Appropriate Site Architecture and Navigation Schema

We have dozens of metrics we assess to ensure compliance with SEO best practices.

Don’t let common errors or mistakes keep your site buried beneath your competitors. Competition for top rankings is increasing but with Google’s latest changes there is a lot of opportunity to leapfrog over competitors if you use the right strategies. Talk to one of the best Internet Coach’s in the country, Ed Taylor, and let him identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and any Threats to your Internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Remember the first coaching call is FREE call 541-482-4840.

Ed will provide targeted results that allow your clients to find your website through organic search engine optimization, which means that once you are ranked you can enjoy quality traffic without have to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It’s not uncommon for our SEO coaching to eliminate the need for PPC (pay per click) advertising. This is due to their TOP 10 placement on major search engines.

Ed will openly share his knowledge of the SEO process, Social marketing, email marketing and much, much more. You will enjoy learning effective and affordable methods to improve website traffic and increase customers, leads and subscribers.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or small business owner call (541) 482-4840 for a FREE analysis of your website from an Internet Coach who has been invited to speak to more than 1,550 business groups- he does know his stuff.

Or, send Ed an email at EdatEdTaylordotcom and he will call you the same business day. You can expect professionalism, attention to detail and quick responses when working with Ed.

Let Internet Coach “Santa” Ed Taylor help identify a series of powerful keywords and key phrases that can send your business straight to the top 10 website’s in your category.

After Ed finds the keywords that best suit your business he will show and coach you on exactly how to place these keywords in your website pages by altering your meta tags, title tags and descriptions as well as write effective copy that ultimately gets your website ranked above your competition.

Call or email Internet Coach “Santa” Ed Taylor for a brief website analysis . That’s (541) 482-4840 to speak with Ed directly.

Get your FREE Internet Coaching now, 541-482-4840

I optimized this page for the keyword “Internet Coach” on October 17, 2011 as of now I have no inbound links to this page. I’ll bet by October 25, 2011 it’s in the top 3 pages and by the end of the year it’s on the first page. Google on the term Internet Coach and just see if this page shows up on Google.

Check it out, see where ranks on the term- Internet Coach

Facebook has become a very real source of high quality visitors. In my case 22% of visitors are coming from Facebook and they are definitely engaging with the site, staying an average of 6 minutes 12 seconds.  I explain the SEO connection in this short video.
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SEO- More IS Better

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Google has been very clear about its intentions to quote:

“Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content—both good and bad—comes online all the time.”

Obviously they are trying to find “good content” and based on my research that means, in part, more content. Start thinking in terms on 800 words and up, 1,300 to 1,500 words may well, when well written, be better yet.

By the way, this is an example of how NOT to write a Search Engine Optimized post. It’s too short and not keyword focused, BUT… This site does have have 246 top 10 Google rankings as a result of other blog posts. 🙂

Redesigning your website can be a great idea that has costly consequences.

Website redesign and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) go hand in hand. I have recently been called in after two website redesigns where the business owners were frantic because shortly after the launch of their redesigned websites they saw huge drops in traffic.

During a website redesign everyone has an opinion about how the site should look and function but it is not at all uncommon for developers implementing these changes to lack the online marketing experience necessary to understand the complete ramifications of these changes. Including how the changes will affect the sites organic Google rankings.

On many occasions I have been “called to the rescue” because well intended site changes resulted dramatically reducing site visits.

So what do you do when you’re considering a site redesign?

In 2 words- Call me. Seriously, every word on every page matters. Every link on the site matters. Every heading tag on every page matters. The placement of every image on every page matters.

Let’s talk, the call is FREE and I could save you time, money and untold distress and frustration. The reason is for this post is to save you money and that gut wrenching feeling that happens when you look up and see your website redesign and impact on your SEO produced the exact opposite effect you were anticipating.

This is a graph that shows how the rankings plummeted for someone who quickly became a client.











10 SEO Essentials EVERY Small Business Person Must Understand and a FREE SEO Evaluation of your website…

Automated programs called robots, or bots, or spiders are sent out by Google. The spiders navigate the web going from one link to the next as they find them on web pages. A copy of each page the bots come across is stored in the main index that Google uses to retrieve search data. The Google spider scans all the text elements on the web page and uses this information to determine what the page is about.

When a person “Google’s” a word, or phrase, Google then scans through its index and finds all the pages that contain that word or phrase. Google often finds hundreds of thousands or even millions of results. Next Google determines the order in which it will display the web page based on its relevance to the specific search query.

Determining which web pages are most relevant to the word or phrase in the search query is a very complex task, but here is the essence of the process…

  1. Where, and how often the word or phrase is mentioned in the body of the text (keyword density) play a role in determining relevance.
  2. Page titles, heading tags, linked text, bolded, italicized, or underlined text, etc. play a role.
  3. In addition to the text on the web pages, the navigation structure, programming and page layout also affect how the spiders crawl through a site. Some programming and navigation can stop the spiders dead in their tacks rendering them unable to find certain (oftentimes very important) content. Spiders are also unable to read text that is contained in graphics or flash animation.
  4. Each of the elements mentioned above can be manipulated, or “optimized”, to gain better Google rankings. But this optimization must be done properly.
  5. Google penalizes website for “over optimization”. For example if a word or phrase is “stuffed” into the text too many times, creating an un-naturally high density, the page could get penalized, or worse, banned from the index altogether.

That covers the on-page elements Google evaluates to determine the ranking of any particular web page on any given search query.

Google also uses off-page elements. This refers to linking.

  1. A link from one website to another counts as a vote. A site that attracts more links from other sites is deemed by Google to be more important and will often rank higher than similar sites with fewer sites linking to them.
  2. But, here again this is more complex than it might first appear. Not all links are created equal. Links from some sites carry much more weight, or authority, than links from other sites and when these authority sites link to a site they pass more “link weight” to the site they are linking to. To make things even a bit more confusing certain poor linking strategies (like link farms) can even harm your rankings. You’ll need the right kind of links from the right places to get the best results.
  3. Google also reads the linked text within a link, this is called the anchor text of a link (the usually blue underlined text you would click on). When this anchor text is descriptive of the page it is linking to Google takes that into consideration.
  4. Google also uses Latent Semantic Indexing, LSI. Latent Semantic Indexing takes into account the semantics of language and multiple terms that mean the same thing, as well as words and terms that have a tendency to occur together in content for particular topics. Using a mix of different variations on your main keywords, such as plurals, …ing’s, etc., as well as other related terms.
  5. Other factors that Google considers include the age of the domain name, the country the web-server that is hosting the domain is located in, and others.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses obtain and maintain top search engine rankings. We have SEO programs to fit any need and budget. Ranging from complete “turnkey” SEO implementation on your website to SEO training programs that you can buy by the hour.

For a FREE SEO assessment of your site simply add the URL of your website, 5 of the terms you would like to have top Google rankings on, your e-mail address and phone number in the form below.

We will analyze your site on each of the 9 elements mentioned above and report our findings to you.

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