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According to the latest report from Hitwise Bing powered searches accounted for over 30% of the searches in March. Granted it’s not the 64% that Google produced but it’s still BILLIONS of searches.

Google and Bing use different ranking algorithms and they deliver different websites for the same search query.

Check your analytics. Are Bing and Yahoo! each delivering somewhere near 15% of the visits from search engines? If not you may be having a problem with your Bing optimization.

Another interesting stat published by Hitwise is that is the Bing searches deliver more click-throughs than Google. Bing search resulted in more than 80 percent of searches visiting a website while on Google the visit rate was only 66%. It might be that the search results snippets in Bing are more attractive or the results in Bing are simply more relevant.

You may also want to get a Search Engine Ranking Report.

FATAL FLAW# 10- Going it aloneWebsite success is not a technical accomplishment, website success is the result of MARKETING. Internet marketing in 2011 requires commitment and expertise. You must identify appropriate traffic building strategies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc,), you must make sure your Internet marketing strategies are properly executed and that the results are monitored. Conversion Elements must be tested to maximize the number of leads or sales generated from your website visitors. Most small business don’t have in-house staff with the knowledge and the time to manage these important activities that’s why we created

The businesses owner was savvy, he had spent years diligently building top Google rankings on important keywords, the web developer was assuring and persuasive and his design was SO elegant.

After the remodel the website lost 57 # 1 rankings and another 45 in the 2-10 spots. Traffic plummeted.

BE CAREFUL when you are remodeling your website, you MUST make sure all of the “marketing elements” are properly implemented.

In this case the site owner called me frantic, very, very distressed. We solved the problem and within 19 days the rankings and traffic were restored. This was a happy ending… but the whole problem could have been avoided.

When we don’t find what we are looking for quickly on the first page of Google we typically modify our search query. We often add another word or two, we refine our search. It’s these refined or “long tail” search queries that often bring the best, most interested, prospects to our website.

Our challenge is to identify the universe of these long tail search terms and make sure our site ranks well on them. If you are not monitoring and optimizing for at least 50 keywords you are probably leaving money on the table, and that’s a big, easy to fix, mistake.

For many businesses local search results, like Google Places, have become an incredibly important part of their SEO effort. Google Places allows businesses to promote themselves on Google Search and Maps.

Here are some tips-
Use your company name in your address listing.
Include a standard HERF link to your website below your address.
Get your company name and address included on local sites that link to your site.

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