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Online email marketing can make the difference between success and failure. A very personal example is this- Yesterday one of the subscribers to my emails signed up for my Internet marketing coaching program, of course that’s not a big deal, but what makes my point is this. This new client was first added to my list nearly 5 years ago! Now, after hundreds of e-mails from me, he has become a client.

I have dozens and dozens of similar stories, but staying in touch with people over a long period of time is NOT the biggest benefit of email marketing online. The best thing about it is what happens, or at least can happen, in the short term.

Thousands of people have bought my products or services after just 1, 2 or 3 e-mails. By adding value to people, by helping them solve their problems, by demonstrating expertise and by being there when they need what you provide, email marketing can help you nurture relationships and maintain top of mind awareness.

In the video below I show how Insionsoft , the marketing software, is using a an excellent online e-mail marketing strategy to build their customer base.
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You’ve probably seen share buttons (like on the bottom of this post) on websites, blogs, and generally all over the Internet. These buttons allow you to share content via Facebook, Twitter, and any number of other channels. If you use Constant Contact you simply click the

box when you are selecting the list you are sending to and scheduling the send date and time.

Adding Social Share buttons to your Awber e-mails is a bit more involved.

If you’re interested in adding share buttons to the messages you send with AWeber, simply follow the directions below.
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You can find written instructions at-

When it comes to favored Internet marketing strategies Search Engines and E-mail run neck and neck.  Why? Because “everyone uses both”.

A May 2011 Pew Internet survey finds that 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, including 59% who do so on a typical day. This places search at the top of the list of most popular online activities among U.S. adults.

Email is right up their with search. Among online adults, 92% use email, with 61% using it on an average day.

Perhaps surprisingly for an online activity that has been around for a while, search is most popular among the youngest adult internet users (those age 18-29), 96% of whom use search engines to find information online. But even among the oldest internet users (age 65+), 87% are search engine users. You can read the report here…

In this A/B split test 72% of the people GUESSED WRONG when asked to choose which email they thought produced 79% higher clickthrough rate. Click below to see if you guess the correct one. 

Doing all of the right things, i.e., using great SEO and social marketing, having a great visitor to opt-in conversion ratio, etc., and then missing the mark with your e-mail follow-up can cost your dearly. Learn from this one…

See if you can guess which test won-

This is incredibly simple… Of course it’s a good idea to ask those who have subscribed to your e-mail lists, say with Constant Contact or Aweber, etc. and those who you exchange email with through Outlook or Gmail to ‘like’ your FaceBook Business Page. The question is how do you do it.

The video below is 4 minutes and 22 seconds long and that is all of time you will need to both learn how to, and actually send an e-mail, through FaceBook to your e-mail contacts. I even show you exactly how to do it in both Gmail and Constant Contact.

Enjoy… By the way, you can do the same thing with your LinkedIn contacts. The maximum you can send is 5,000

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How do I stop FaceBook email notifications?

That’s a great question and one that I hear regularly. FaceBook allows you to choose whether or not you want to be notified by e-mail on over 70 different items.

Controlling your Facebook email notifications is simple…

Login to your Facebook account, click on the account tab on the top right. Click the arrow next to Account and choose Account Settings. This will open up your My Account page, which will have several tabs running across the top. Click the Notifications tab to begin changing your notification settings.

Once on the Notifications page you will see that it is set-up in several categories, with the first category being Facebook. The other categories are determined by what apps you have installed. For example, you probably have a section for photos. If you are a member of a group or groups, you will see a section for Groups. Your list of sections may be quite long. Mine in the video below has over 70! Each section has its own notification settings that you can control.

The video below is will show you exactly set your FaceBook email notifications in 133 seconds. 🙂

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See if you can guess which version of the e-mail conversion improvement test generated 76% more orders and 73% higher overall revenue, despite the fact that the other Version had nearly double the clickthrough rate.

This is a VERY interesting e-mail conversion improvement test. It uses 2 “long copy” e-mails and over half of those who have guessed which one was the big winner have guessed wrong. Click here to see the 2 e-mails and take a guess at which one was the winner. Also, be sure to read the additional information about the test on the “results  page”.

For help improving your conversion ratios join

No Internet marketing strategy is more important than Email. If you are using WordPress as a Content Management System you can now easily add “opt-in” forms with a few clicks.

I personally use Aweber and Constant Contact for my Email and I really like them both. I also have clients using each of the following which, in my opinion, are the best Email Plugins for WordPress: MailChimp List Subscribe Form, Constant Contact for WordPress, AWeber Web Form Plugin

If you are using G-mail and Internet Explorer 8 you may have noticed that images are not loading in your e-mails. Here’s how to start seeing them again:

Click on “Tools” in IE8 and then on “Internet Options”. Now click on the “Security” tab then on “Custom level”. Scroll down to “Display mixed content” and click on “Enable”. Net click on “ok” then followed by “Apply” to be done.


I have long emphasized the importance and effectiveness of e-mail marketing at my seminars and webinars and with our client at IMGmembers. One of the most effective business uses of e-mail are “drip campaigns” which are most commonly used to nurture leads. Drip campaigns often use education, testimonials and other tactics to move prospects through the early part of the sales cycle and take them from “less than hot” to “hot,” or at least “very warm.”

Jeanne S. Jennings shared 7 e-mail marketing case studies at a MarketingSherpa event in San Francisco – here are the 10 key takeaways.

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