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About a month ago I wrote a post in this blog about an ongoing SEO test I’m doing on the keyword “Construction Internet Marketing“.

If you click above you can read the post but essentially I explained how I made the optimized post on May 18, 2011, by May 25th I had a 4th place Google ranking and the first month I had 7 visitors to the post as a result and those 7 visitors spent on average 4.51 minutes on the site.

Now almost a month later, 2 months into the test, I have a #1 Google ranking on the key word “Construction Internet Marketing”, see for yourself- click here, but much more importantly I have now had 63 visitors who have, on average, spent nearly 10 minutes looking at nearly 4 pages of the site.

Imagine I simple optimized blog post delivering more than 50 visitors per month, now multiply that by 10 or 20 optimized posts per month-  that’s 500 to 1,000 new visitors per month, imagine doing that for a year- that’s 6,000 to 12,000 new visitors per month.

I hope you are seeing how easy it could be to MASSIVELY expand your business by simply, consistently, adding optimized blog posts.

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Construction Internet Marketing keyword SEO test~ I am in the process of conducting an ongoing “real time test” in SEO. This is a very simple way for me to demonstrate to you exactly what is possible via SEO, specifically SEO of blog posts.

On May 18, 2011 I optimized a post for the term “Construction Internet Marketing“.

On May 25 I posted about my resulting 4th place ranking. See

Now a month has passed and yesterday I had 7 visitors to my site as a result of this one ranking.

Of course 7 visitors is not great, but hey, 7 a day for a month is over 200 visits, and with even a 3% conversion ratio that’s 7 new clients. With the average new client investing approx $600 to start that’s $4,200 in new revenue the first month.

These visitors are from one simple optimized blog post. This IS DOABLE.

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On May 18th I decided to test the SEO impact of my blog. After some “keyword research” I decided to optimize a post for term “construction Internet marketing“. (We do a lot of SEO work for contractors I had not optimized for that term that keyword in the past.)

I wrote a 300 word optimized post. I optimized the tagging and the linking, yesterday, May 24th, that post has a #4 ranking on Google. By the way, 300 words is the minimum number of words you should have in a post. If you count the words in this post you will find it is slightly over 300 words. The fact is I added this paragraph just to hit that threshold. 🙂

Another couple of things about Blog SEO, your “Title Tag” should not exceed 60 characters and should include the keywords you are optimizing and your “Description Tag” should not exceed 160 characters, and yes it is important because it will display in the search results add effect the number of clicks you receive.

I started my blog in January with no real thought given to SEO (I was doing the SEO on & and I was not too concerned about optimizing it.) At that time I was looking at my blog as just a way for people to stay in touch with me and my Internet marketing tips.

In April I decided to test some blog SEO. I optimized 1 or 2 blog posts per week. Now, 6 weeks after I first started optimizing my blog posts, I’m getting hundreds of visitors- AND the visitors who are finding the site in the organic search engine rankings are spending on average 7 minutes and 25 seconds on the site! Pretty impressive.

If YOU haven’t already added blog SEO to your traffic building efforts I’d say the time has come.

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Internet marketing for the construction industry has exploded in the past 5 years. It seems that every homeowner who is looking to add-on, remodel, replace windows, doors or roofs starts with a Google search, no surprise really, but what is a surprise is just how many contractors are missing the boat. Construction marketing is all about local search and most construction companies are not “casting a wide net” around the long tail. They are missing out on the “refined” search so many owners are searching on.

I have delivered several presentations at contractor conferences and we have a number of clients in the construction trades, I know how competitive things are right now. It’s now more important than ever that you get your website optimized for local search, the “long tail” of Internet marketing for the construction and home improvement trades.

The starting point of local search for contractors and any business that serves a defined local market area is to determine all of the geographic terms your potential customer might add to the search query. Think in terms of city and county names as well as regional names like Simi Valley, or the South Bay.

You will want to evaluate all of your keywords while you’re at it, every contractor we have worked with has been short on 30 to 100+ keywords. Potential customers are going use a wide variety of keywords in their search quires and the more of these words you optimize the more potential customer will find your website.

I wrote this post in a way that optimized it for the term “construction Internet marketing” and some related terms but these tactics apply to every business whose potential customers are “refining” their searches with geographic terms.

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