The best way to significantly boost your results and bottom-line profits is to change your strategy and messaging.

Here’s what I mean…

Say you want your website visitors to become leads. To do that your strategy is to ask that they call or fill out a form requesting a free consultation.

Think about your messaging…

The more your visitor understands how they will BENEFIT from their consultation with you the more inclined they will be to request it.

Messaging- Can you say things like… 

  • During your FREE 20 minute consultation:
  • You will receive 5 specific steps you can take to… (improve your results,…)
  • We will identify the top 3 factors that are limiting your results
  • We will discuss both the pros and cons of this program for your unique circumstances
  • You will get all of your questions answered

The idea here is to make sure your “messaging”, or copywriting, tells the website visitor why they should request your free consultation.

Of course the other question is whether or not a free consultation is the best strategy to convert website visitors into leads

It may be, but you might find that inviting your website visitors to a free presentation or event is more effective. Personally I have attracted many new clients after that have attended one of my presentations either in person or in the form of a webinar. I have also had many clients who have used live meetings VERY successfully as business development vehicles.

Another strategy to consider is giving your free consultation a name. For many years I have very effectively used “Get a Free SWOT Analysis” you will learn the 3 greatest Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats impacting your online marketing.

I’m working with a sports psychologist who provides free a “Mental Coaching” session. I’m also working with a financial planner who provides a free “Second Opinion” meeting.

The idea of course is let the reader know that what you are providing is not just a sales pitch but real information that they will benefit from even if they do not end up doing business with you.

In my experience strategy and messaging is far more central to the success of online marketing than anything else. In fact the reason I’m writing this message on this Friday morning is because I was just reviewing my week and I found that nearly 70% of my work this week has been spent helping clients with their strategy and messaging.

If you have questions about your strategy and messaging give me a call, or pop me an email, and I’ll give you a Free Strategy and Messaging SWOT Analysis. You will learn the 3 greatest Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats pertaining to your online Strategy and Messaging.

That’s the way you do it. 🙂