As competition for the best keywords heats up the payoff for top organic rankings continues to grow. When comparing the return on investment between SEO and Pay Per Click, SEO is looking better all the time… IF you can actually obtain, and maintain, top Google rankings on important keywords. These 2 tactics will help you with that.

The first SEO tactic is to have an abundance of original, well written, content. Who will want this content divided into 1 page per keyword theme. A keyword theme can include 1 or several closely related keywords. For example a page that is about Luxury Africa Safaris might also be about South Luxury Africa Safaris and Custom Designed Luxury Africa Safaris. These 2 keywords are in the same theme- Luxury Africa Safaris. If I wanted to optimize for the keyword Luxury Africa Tours I would create a new page themed for tours rather than safaris.

The second SEO tactic you will want to implement is exactly what I have done in the above paragraph. I have linked the keywords to the optimized pages from this blog post. You will want to add the “text links” from keywords within your pages and posts and when possible from HIGH QUALITY outside sites and blogs just like I’m doing now by linking to

Here’s an example of a page themed for Mexico Auto Insurance and Mexico Car Insurance

If you need some help getting content developed for your site let me know.