Spring is a wonderful time of new growth, the days are longer, the cold and darkness of winter is quickly fading, buds are beginning to bloom. Spring is a special time, and as my old friend Jim Rohn used to say; “if you are not careful the weeds will take over the garden.”

In business the seeds that we have planted in the past are beginning to show promise and now is also the time to vigorously prepare and plant new seeds. It’s time to rekindle relationships, try new approaches in our marketing, perhaps it’s time to plant some seeds via social media, or a blog. It could be time to take a fresh approach to your e-mail marketing, your Search Engine Optimization or your website conversion elements.

About those weeds. The weeds come when we become so busy “working in it” that we don’t take the time and effort to work “on it”.

Working “on” our business is essential. We must have the systems in place to maximize productivity and our harvest. We also want to have the time to enjoy both the process, and the season.

Welcome to Spring 2011.