Face to face being together. My daughter graduated from college Saturday and we were so blessed in so many ways. One blessing was that she attended college right here in Ashland, Oregon. So when graduation came we had friends and family come from near and far and stay for days. In fact we had 9 people from out of town and a bunch of locals join us. It was a blast.

I’m bringing this up because the talk came around, as it usually does when I’m around, to the Internet, specifically to FaceBook. We ALL love being able to stay in touch and share photos and videos. No surprise. But what was a bit of a surprise the talk about the ads. In our little group people not only didn’t mind them. They found themselves actually liking some of them. They felt like they were “discovering” things, typically small local businesses and information they had an interest in. Interesting.

Just more reinforcement to what I have been saying for quite some time… advertising on FB is, or at least can be, a GOOD thing.