I’m often asked about SEO and Social marketing and which is “best” or “most important”. Small business owners hear all the buzz about Social marketing on FaceBook, Linkedin and Twitter and they feel they are missing out on something, and they are, BUT, and this is a big but, SEO will (I want to say always but I’m sure there are exceptions) deliver substantially more visitors and  usually higher quality visitors than social marketing. I look at hundreds of analytic reports each month and I have NEVER seen a case where social marketing outperformed SEO.

SEO delivers way more “bang for the buck” or “return on time”. Social marketing is terrific and you should be using social marketing BUT ALWAYS get your SEO working first. Identify 100 or so of your best keywords and check your Search Engine Ranking Reports and traffic sources in your analytics at least monthly.

Setting your marketing priorities is essential to success, otherwise it’s just too easy to waste time on focusing on less effective strategies and tactics before the real “game changers” are in place.

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