If you have not got the phone call yet you will. With some clever wording the caller will have you thinking they work FOR Google and they are calling to help your business  rank better in the Google rankings.

The reality is they don’t work FOR Google at all. They work WITH Google (the way a whittler works with wood), more specifically they work with your website (or with a website they will create for you).

Now I have no idea if the company making these calls is any good or not, and frankly I don’t care. For me, the mere fact that they are being so clever (read deceptive) in their approach is enough for me to NOT do business with them.

When the phone rings don’t get suckerd.

On another note, the search engine ranking reports for 20 of my clients ran today, all told they had gained 927 NEW First Page (top 10) Google rankings. That’s an average of 46 NEW rankings per client!

SEO starts with honesty, not deception. If you would like some help obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings give me a call. I’ll demonstrate our results and be straight with you from day 1-  541-482-4840