I’m working on the presentation I’ll be making in a few days at the PBUS conference in San Diego. Like always I want to present information that is 100% relevant to my audience members. Information they can personally relate to, easily understand and most importantly PROFIT from.

I spoke for this same Association at their Annual Conference in February and they were impressed enough to invite me to speak at their summer conference. That’s certainly a sign that I did something right at my first presentation, but I felt my February presentation fell a bit short. My information was good and relevant but I didn’t have any before and after case studies in their field, bail bond agents, so I didn’t feel my content was as “relate-able” as it could have been.

When they invited me to speak again at their summer conference I promised myself that for this presentation I would have at least one before and after case study of a bail agent website that had implemented my marketing suggestions.

Well, check this out, I have been working with 3 bail agents. One we did a minor site remodel and SEO work, one we did a major site remodel and SEO work and one we built a new site from the ground up. Here’s the best part…

ALL 3 have gained HUNDREDS of top rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo! In fact 2 of the 3 have GAINED more than 200 TOP 10 rankings and the other has near 100!!!

Of course top Google rankings don’t tell the whole story. The bottom-line is business. Are these 3 bail agents making more money as a result of being found at the top of the search engines and have website that are now designed to better convert website visitors to phone calls. YES, again each have report solid gains in their businesses.

Ahhh, this will be a mind blowing slam dunk. I can’t wait.

Here’s the reason I brought this up, other than the unabashed self promotion, I want to encourage you to look for ways that you can leverage the success you have had with your clients go get more clients.

Let me explain, during my session at the PBUS conference I’ll explain step-by-step how their peers accomplished these mind blowing, profit building, results. I will show the very precise process we went through.

Now let me ask…

If you were in the audience and you just saw how I did it, are you going to do it yourself, or see if maybe I could help you? 🙂

Past experience tells me that some will go back to the office and implement what I taught and others, often a very nice percentage of the audience, would prefer to have me coach and help them through the process.

Showing potential customers the benefits experienced by past customers is a great way to get new customers.