Every few days I get an e-mail or text from someone all excited about the latest “sexy” SEO tactic.

Just this morning I received an email from a new client all excited about a new SEO tactic they had heard about from an online friend. I could tell from the tone of the e-mail that my client was excited and eager to implement this new tactic.

Here’s the deal, the tactic she was so excited about was way, way, down the list of “most important things to do to improve your Google rankings”. I’m mean WAY down the list. The reason my client was excited is because it was easy and “new”.

Easy is good… I LOVE easy and new can be good, I usually like to let some time pass before I get too excited about new.

When it comes to SEO you MUST put first things first. And first you MUST lay the proper SEO foundation.
You MUST identify a long list of your best keywords, or keyword phrases.
You MUST have optimized content written for each keyword or keyword theme.
You MUST have the page tagging optimized.
You MUST have the site navigation and internal link text optimized.

And then, and only then, should you start looking for “sexy” ways to SEO your site or pages.

I know this post sounds a bit like a rant, and I guess it is, but I’m ranting about this because it’s SO important and because of how often I get people wanting to do all of the new, sexy, stuff before they create a solid foundation to build the SEO efforts on.

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