Imagine if someone was expecting a room like a room at the Ritz and they received a Motel 6 room. They would be VERY disappointed. Of course Motel 6 and many other motels that provide low cost rooms do very well… and their customers are very happy. Why? Because their customers knew what to expect.

The same is true for every kind of discount item from fast food to economy cars.

It’s also true on the high end… when you go to Ruth’s Chris, or get a room at the Ritz, your expectations are different… and I would guess your expectations are usually met.

Here’s the challenge, having customers whose expectations are different from what you deliver. That’s a recipe for frustration and failure. danger1Expectations

Over the years I have discovered what I’m good at and what just naturally tend to do. I have also discovered what I’m not so good at and what I just don’t seem to do.

For example I’m very responsive when people email or call me for marketing help. I’m not inclined to call or e-mail my clients to see if they need help. I’m good at cutting through jargon and complex issues to find the core elements. I’m good at business conversations, not much good with small talk. I’m good at creating marketing strategies, copywriting and SEO, less good with the technical issues.

Through the content on my web pages, my videos and by just plain telling people, I try to make it very clear that to get the most from my Internet marketing coaching services you should stay in touch with me, email me, call me, ask me questions, ask for my help with your site content, your emails, your SEO and all the rest. I’m HAPPY to do that, I will over deliver if you do that, I will surpass your expectations if you reach out to me, you will receive well over $200 in value each month… but you must contact me, make me part of your team, use me.

How are you setting the expectations for your clients? Are you being clear with your customers and potential customers about what you provide, and how they can do to reap the greatest benefit from your products or services? Are you setting up circumstances so you can exceed the expectations of your customers or clients?