Header, or H tags <H1> are essential to your SEO effort. As in all things related to SEO there known “Best Practices“. Here are 2 PROVEN Best Practices related to SEO and H tags:

1. The main keyword for the page should be at the beginning of an H1 tag near the top of the page.

2. Use H2 tags for variations on the keyword.

Example- On a page optimized for “SEO KEYNOTE SPEAKER” myH tags might look like this:
<h1>SEO Keynote Speaker</h1> and <h2>Ed has delivered SEO Keynotes or General sessions for:</h2>

3. Use H3 tags to make the page more visually appealing but you don’t need to give H3’s any consideration when it comes to SEO.

Google uses the H1 tags to determine the headline of your page. The H2 to determine the theme. Use them, but use them sparingly. Over optimization of H tags will defeat your purpose.