As you know I’m a HUGE fan of WordPress, and I’m not alone. Did you know that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today? It’s now powering 1 in 6 websites!

The fact is the only websites we build these days are WordPress sites and about 60% of the businesses I provide Internet marketing coaching for have WordPress sites.

As someone who works with WordPress site daily basis it’s easy for me to see why it’s has become so popular. It’s incredibly affordable, easy to use and you are essentially assured that your Content Management System will be viable and constantly updated for the foreseeable future.

As you can imagine simply installing WordPress doesn’t make the site shoot to the top of Google on all of your best keywords, or cause a huge percentage of your website visitors to convert into customers or leads… that’s marketing.

One marketing mistake I commonly see in WordPress sites is using the Home Page to display Blog Posts rather than making it a Static Page.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and it still is, but now its used more as a Content Management System (CMS). But, because its roots came from a blog platform, the default setting sets the Home Page to display your latest blog posts.

My recommendation is to change this to a static page. 

You want to optimize your Home Page content for both top Google rankings (SEO) and to maximize conversions )(conversion optimization). This means every word on that page, every tag, every image, etc. should be strategically placed. Feeding log posts onto the page will introduce a variable that can hurt both rankings and conversions.

CLARIFICATION- YOU DO WANT A BLOG… Just not on your Home Page

One more suggestion- 

You should never manage a site without using Google Analytics. It’s free, robust and incredibly easy to implement, especially with WordPress.

I often use Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk, but there are several good plugin’s that make it easy for you to connect your profile to WordPress without the need to use copy and paste.