If you are a longtime subscriber to my blog you know that I love the first of the month. We run dozens of Search Engine Ranking Reports the first part of each month. I personally examine each Report and see the trends across all of the search engines, on dozens of websites across many thousands of keywords. Head terms and long tail, local search and national search, BtoB and consumer… I love it!

If you have been doing high quality SEO and yet lower quality sites or sites using Black Hat tactics were still beating you out of top rankings on your important keywords you should be seeing an improvement in your Google rankings. The Panda and Penguin updates are doing a great job of cleaning up the rankings.

Bing & Yahoo have definitely changed something. I have not seen much written on it yet, I’ll keep you posted. If you have a site that has been getting a large amounts of traffic from either Bing or Yahoo keep a close eye on your Analytics. If you see a drop in visitors contact your SEO person or me right away.

My advice this month is to refocus on any head terms (short keywords) that you are ranking on page 2 or 3 of Google. Add more content optimized for these keywords to your site and blog posts. Be sure to add a link to the page(s) to your social networks.

We are still in a window of huge opportunity as Google continues to clean house.

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