Let’s start with the proof, anyone can make claims, and even though I assume you already trust me, let me show you the results and then I’ll reveal the tactics. Google on the keywords alaska boat cruises and alaska yacht cruises and look for AlaskaBoatCruises.com. According to Google these are both high competition keywords that would cost between $3.75 and$4.00 if you were to buy click with Google Adwords.

These keywords deliver high quality visitors to my client AlaskaBoatCruises.com, everyday, including today. ALL of these visitors are coming from the FREE organic listings on Google. As you saw a minute ago AlaskaBoatCruises.com ranks high on these keywords organically on Google. Here’s why…

Look at the site:

  • It’s rich in high quality content
  • The content, tags and links have all been optimized
  • It’s a WordPress site that is up to date

We developed this site a few months ago to give our clients a competitive advantage, they’re competing with big boys like Princess Cruises and Holland America. They are getting thousands of dollars (if they were paying per click) worth of FREE high quality visitors due to the SEO!

By the way, we are offering a 10% discount on WordPress Websites through the end of January.  Sites start at $997 

One last thing, in my last blog post showed the elements of a successful email. The email was sent out on Friday and we had a 55.3% Open Rate and a 35.3 Click Through Rate. Does that beat what you are getting?