I always love the first week of the month it’s when we run the “Search Engine Ranking Reports” for all of our clients. This week our clients enjoyed over 1,293 MORE top rankings than last month, and last month was more than the month before that. Every month we see the number of top rankings grow. Here’s the reason- we have our clients optimize for MORE KEYWORDS each month.

Obtaining and maintaining top rankings on a few “main” keywords is great, but if in addition to these main keywords you consistently add optimized content (like blog posts) for other more refined keywords before long you will find you get more visitors, and possibly higher quality visitors, from these “other” keywords than from your “main ” keywords.

This is truly a case of more IS better, but the SEO benefits of this new content is also just the tip of the iceberg. What lays hidden beneath the surface is the other benefits of this new content, benefits like more engagement with your customers and potential customers and the deepening of relationships. These two things can increase the lifetime value of your customers through increased purchases and referrals.

If you are using blog posts as a way to add this new Search Engine Optimized content you can also feed that content to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter creating even more engagement and at the same time expanding your network.

Here are some tips for adding MORE SEO 

The first write down all of the keywords you can think of that people who are looking for the products or services you offer may be Googling on. Put yourself in the shoes of your typical new customer, what would they have Googled on?

If I were looking for a local auto mechanic, I might type in “tune-up Ashland Oregon” but Ashland is pretty small so I might also follow that with a search for “tune-up Medford Oregon”, or might have searched on “40,000 mile service medford oregon”. The idea is to think of as many appropriate keywords as possible.

The next step is to go to the Google Keyword Tool:


Enter in the keyword phrases you thought of when you were listing possible combinations. You’ll be able to see how many people searched for those phrases and how much competition there is surrounding those keywords.

You’ll also see similar keywords that you might want to target in your SEO strategy.

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