According to e-Consultancy at the beginning of 2010, the total worldwide search market had more than 131bn searches conducted by people aged 15 or older from home and work locations, a 46% increase from 12 months previously. This equates to more than:

  • 4bn searches per day
  • 175m per hour
  • 2.9m per minute

It’s expected that a similar rate of growth has occurred during the equivalent period, 2010-2011, and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

SEO is not becoming less important it’s becoming MORE important. In spite of all of the competition and all of the changes to the search algorithms SEO works and it works very, very well when it is approached properly. Primarily I’m talking about the “long tail” of search that is incredibly effective. Just last week I posted a Year-to-Date case study of one of our members who had a 167% increase in traffic from January to May ALL due to SEO in the long tail.

The starting point for optimizing the long tail is keyword research. Think in terms for identifying 100 to 200 3, 4, 5 and even 6 word “keyword phrases”.