For many small business owners SEO (Search Engine Optimization), seems like this incredibly complex mystery that must be handed off to SEO gurus who have the “inside information”. Plain and simple, that’s a bunch of bunk!

SEO is in fact relatively simple. Don’t discount what I’m saying, I’ll show you the proof.

Here’s one, Google “seo keynote speaker“, where does rank? Near the top, right?

If you look closely you will notice that it’s NOT the Home page with the top ranking it’s an interior page of the site that is OPTIMIZED for the keyword “seo keynote speaker”.

Go to the page and check it out. What have I done? I have added a page to my site that is ABOUT my being a “seo keynote speaker”. Simple right?

Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but identifying the keyword and adding a page of content is ALWAYS the starting point.

Here are a couple of more personal examples:
Internet Marketing Speaker
consultant for internet marketing
construction Internet marketing
blog headlines for seo

Here are a few client examples:
auto repair sales training
customized insurance newsletters
appearance bonds jackson
tire sale dubuque
dentists willow grove

I could go on and on with hundreds of my own examples and many thousands of client examples.

What am I trying to say?

Obtaining and maintaining top Google rankings through a “do it yourself SEO program” is not nearly as complex as you may be thinking it is.

Once you understand the process you can save a lot of money but equally important YOU CAN BE IN CONTROL of this increasingly important aspect of your marketing.

Don’t be bamboozled. As an Internet marketing coach I help my clients “chunk” SEO into a very simple process that can easily be done by a non-technical person.

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