The desired outcome of Search Engine Optimization is to obtain, and maintain, top Google rankings for search queries that can deliver a reasonable number of high quality visitors.

In pursuit of the coveted top rankings some SEO providers try to “game the system” by using prohibited or unethical SEO tactics. Other SEO providers use tactics that adhere to the “letter of the law” but miss the “intent”.

I’ve been providing SEO advice and services now for almost 20 years and here’s what I know. Understanding the INTENT of Google, and the other search engines, and then working to give them what they are looking for pays off time, after time, after time.

Google’s Hummingbird Update (See ) affected 90% of searches. ┬áMany of the “gamers” plummeted in the rankings. Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates did the same thing to others in recent months.

Here are the most recent results from my clients:

SERR 12-08-13

ALL, 100%, of my clients increased in the rankings this month! No brag, just fact.

My advice? Same as it has always been; understand what Google is looking for and give it to them, and do it better than those you are competing with.

Make sense? Let’s talk about making 2014 your best year ever!