Construction Internet Marketing keyword SEO test~ I am in the process of conducting an ongoing “real time test” in SEO. This is a very simple way for me to demonstrate to you exactly what is possible via SEO, specifically SEO of blog posts.

On May 18, 2011 I optimized a post for the term “Construction Internet Marketing“.

On May 25 I posted about my resulting 4th place ranking. See

Now a month has passed and yesterday I had 7 visitors to my site as a result of this one ranking.

Of course 7 visitors is not great, but hey, 7 a day for a month is over 200 visits, and with even a 3% conversion ratio that’s 7 new clients. With the average new client investing approx $600 to start that’s $4,200 in new revenue the first month.

These visitors are from one simple optimized blog post. This IS DOABLE.

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